About Us

"I love working at the bench. For me, that's where it all happens; materials,
eyes, hands and a lifetime of experiences interact in spontaneous ways. A bridge,
ocean currents, stone textures, plant systems, and a dance performance can
come together in a single moment, in a single piece of jewelry. The rawness and
the purity of what emerges not only excites and inspires me, but clearly speaks a
common language with women who like me have sought a life rich with experiences."

 Our handcrafted works are sold predominantly through selected retailers. The
relationship between a designer and a retailer who share a vision not only offers
essential and mutual support to each other, but also provides our customers and
collectors with the best possible experience of the jewels we make. There is nothing
like holding a piece in your hands, feeling its weight, seeing how it moves, watching
the light flow over its surface textures and gleam through its gems. Try it on, see how
the metals glow with your skin, how its details compliment your face, how the stones
twinkle back at you. Fall in love, knowing that both the designer and the retailer stand
behind what they sell, because long before you walked through the door, they fell in
love with it too.