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Jeweler Elizabeth Garvin working in her NYC Studio | Elizabeth Garvin FINE


Elizabeth garvin

"I love working at the bench. For me, that's where it all happens; materials, eyes, hands and a lifetime of experiences interact in spontaneous ways. A bridge, ocean currents, stone textures, plant systems, and a dance performance can come together in a single moment, in a single piece of jewelry. The rawness and the purity of what emerges not only excites and inspires me, but clearly speaks a common language with women who like me have sought a life rich with experiences."

Making of our handcrafted works involves many specialized tools and techniques. Each is made in our studio in NYC, one piece at a time with meticulous attention to detail. In addition to our website, you can view our collections through carefully selected galleries, public events and our own showroom and workshop. You can schedule a visit to shop with us and see where we create by sending us a message below.