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Luminous precious Metals

Our newest addition, STRIPE!

A new approach to ornamentation, glowing 18k gold, deeply engraved with stripes and paired with a wide assortment of precious gems. Each pattern is drawn and engraved entirely by hand, each pattern is just a little different than the next.

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Inspired by Natural geometry


inspired by the unusual ways ice crystals form, rendered in oxidized sterling, 18k gold, platinum and palladium, with white diamond baguettes freely set in various, natural patterns, each piece offers a moment of breath-taking brilliance as the light dances across each individual facet in it’s own time

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deep, natural textures

Newly added to our family

Building on our visual vocabulary of contrasts and contradictions, our latest feature is classic, bright-cut pavé. Contrasted with our signature organically textured, oxidized sterling, the refinement of this traditional, hand cut pavé shines with the fierceness of the sun. Simply irresistable.

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fueled by a love of pattern

Drawing from powerful imagery


many pieces in the cyclone collection feature a sweeping curve, concentric though not quite a spiral, with a definite sense of beginning and end, origin and destination. our cyclone cuff also features a dramatic curve as it wraps around your wrist and clicks securely into place.

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