Elizabeth Garvin Design

Fair Competition and Public Access;

As a retailer, you would probably like to know how this website is structured, and how it is used. There are three distinct areas; the wholesale site, the retail store, and what is referred to as the public area. The wholesale site is password protected and access is granted only to confirmed retailers with credentials. Our "retail store" is also password protected. Access is granted only to customers who had made a purchase directly from us at a juried, retail fair and is meant to provide follow-up service to those private clients. Access is not granted to casual browsers or random inquirers. The public section is just that, public. Anyone can enter and get very general information, see images, look at the store list, read my bio page or get care instructions. There is no public online store and no prices are shown in this area. A potential customer may send an email message from this area, and will get an automated response asking if they are an existing customer, and if not, to provide a zip code. If there is an active retailer in their area, they will be directed there. As a mainly wholesale based design company, we do not have the desire nor the staff to have an online retail presence. Our website is our strongest tool in servicing your needs, and those of YOUR customers by providing detailed information about our brand and our benefits. I hope that you will use ElizabethGarvin.com as a sales tool with your customers, to build trust and understanding of a brand you have selected to represent. Inform them as you go to the site that as a brand, Elizabeth Garvin Design does not make direct sales, but only sells through select retailers, and be assured that your customer can only make their purchase through you.

Placing an Order

We have recently made some changes to our electronic ordering process to try to make it easier and faster. Credit card information is no longer required and terms will be verified directly. You may provide a PO number if you like. You can use your autofill function if you've set that up in your browser. Electronic orders are sent instantaneously and are usually shipped within two weeks. If you'd like to specify a delivery date, simply write that into the message box at the bottom. Any other specifics or questions can be entered there as well, such as ring sizes or colored stones. We always check the message box!

If you have additional questions, or suggestions to make this site better, your input is greatly appreciated.